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C hristmas Castle for the big kids (ages 21 to 99) and Chris Mouse Castle for the smaller citizens, ages 2-13. Come explore Fantasy Kingdom with our mouse king, Chris Mouse. Self-appointed, of course. And it's Emperor if you please. And it's Emperor if you don't please. Well, it's lonely at the top. Top of the trash heap as Crystal Mouse would say. Oh, I forgot to introduce you to Crystal. Crystal Mouse is Chris Mouse's lovely bride, a true Princess in the Spirit of all the Legendary Fairytale Princesses. You know, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. Yes, they live here in the Castle as well. Actually, it's their Castle (4 Castles-in-one actually). But don't tell Chris Mouse that. He thinks it's his Castle. Did I mention the children? Yes, Chris and Crystal Mouse have three little mousekids, Melanie Mouse, Melissa Mouse and Baby Melody Mouse. Three more Princesses. It would seem everybody who is a lady is a Princess in Fantasy Kingdom, a lovely, peaceful, friendly little Kingdom. Ahh, but a busy little Kingdom too. It is a time of some distress in Fantasy Kingdom. Let me explain... There is another Kingdom to the South and West of Fantasy Kingdom, The Nasty Kingdom of the Orange People. By MAGIC and all kinds of evil deeds they have spirited the four Legendary Fairytale Princesses off to something they call Theme Parks and forced them to work in horrible conditions making and remaking stories on film, I think they call them movies or animation or some such thing. It's a nasty, nasty situation. The ladies are forced to work for oranges as their only subsistence. Chris Mouse has decided to rescue the four Legendary Fairytale Princesses and return them to their rightful place. To their Castle in Fantasy Kingdom and the hearts and minds of the people. Perhaps you can help. Watch for further announcements and decrees by His Majesty, Chris Mouse. And join us for the adventure of a lifetime...